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Want to know the secret to healthy and radiant skin? Try getting a facial!

A facial treatment is your passport to a rejuvenated complexion, targeting specific concerns on your face and neck with precision and care.

Benefits of Getting a Facial
Picture this: your skin is undergoing a pampering journey, from deep pore cleansing to luxurious steaming, exfoliation, and nourishment with skin-reviving creams and antioxidants. Guided by the skilled hands of a licensed esthetician, every step is tailored to perfection, ensuring your skin receives the royal treatment it deserves.

Facials address uneven skin tone, pesky breakouts, and irritating blemishes, unveiling a brighter, more radiant complexion that shines with confidence.

And the benefits don’t stop there! Your age spots vanish, dark circles fade into oblivion, and pores shrink to minuscule perfection. Experience the bliss of renewed, hydrated, plump skin, say goodbye to acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and watch in awe as wrinkles and creases gently fade away.

How often should you get a facial?
But when is the perfect time for this indulgent experience? Every four to six weeks aligns perfectly with your skin’s natural 30-day cycle, ensuring consistent results.

Here’s how we can customize your facial:
First, we cleanse and steam. We remove makeup and grime as we cleanse your skin with steam, preparing it for the next steps.

Second is the skin analysis. Our expert esthetician will examine your skin, identifying its type, conditions, and concerns, tailoring the facial and product recommendations just for you.

Third is exfoliation: Your skin gets the perfect exfoliation, removing dead cells and revealing a youthful glow.

Fourth is a facial massage that is relaxing and amazing.

Then we proceed with extractions (if needed ). We clear out any clogged pores to keep your skin fresh and clean.

Next is the customized treatment mask. Addressing your specific concerns, this mask soothes, brightens, and balances your skin, leaving it refreshed.

We finish with a pampering neck and shoulder massage, followed by the application of serum, eye cream, moisturizer, SPF, and lip balm, ensuring your skin stays protected and hydrated. And after your session, don’t forget to chat with your esthetician about post-facial care products to maintain that radiant glow! At Sweety Skincare and Lashes, we go with award-winning brands such as Jan Marini, Circadia, and Envion.

Here’s a brief background on each brand:

Jan Marini: Jan Marini, a renowned skin care brand, offers scientifically-backed skincare solutions for aging, acne, and other skin issues. Their products use powerful ingredients like peptides and antioxidants for visible results.

Environ: Environ, founded by Dr. Des Fernandes, focuses on active ingredients like vitamin A to improve skin health gradually. They aim to address concerns like aging and sun damage with effective formulations.

Circadia: Circadia, founded by Dr. Pugliese, is a professional skincare brand known for its commitment to chronobiology, which emphasizes the body’s natural rhythms and offers skincare products designed to support skin repair and renewal. Their range includes solutions for aging, acne, and sensitivity, featuring ingredients like peptides and botanical extracts.

Transform your skin and indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with a customized facial today.

Refresh, rejuvenate and renew your skin! Book your facial now. Schedule an appointment at and unveil a complexion that shines with confidence!