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Having an effective lash glue is just as important as having a great lash artist. If the glue is not up to standard, there will be poor retention and it will not bond well to the natural lashes. Think of it this way: the glue is the glue that holds everything together, and even the fanciest lashes won’t stick around if it’s not doing its job. Using poor adhesives may lead to lashes falling off and unhappy clients.

What is eyelash glue made of?

The main ingredient of eyelash adhesive is called cyanoacrylate. The special curing property of lash glue is derived from cyanoacrylate. This substance makes sure the adhesive dries quickly and keeps the lashes securely in place for a few weeks. All professional eyelash extension adhesives contain a significant amount of cyanoacrylate, which also serves as the foundation for all fast-curing glue. Essentially, it’s the glue’s secret ingredient that makes sure your lashes stay put!

Factors that Affect Glue Performance

There are many factors that affect glue performance. It’s important to select the right type of glue for your lash technician as well as the room conditions. Storage is also an important factor. The right room temperature plays a role in keeping your glue in great condition for a long time. Humidity levels affect the performance of lash adhesive. Since lashes are made of cyanoacrylate, they require humidity to cure properly. Other factors include the freshness of the glue, the glue-to-lash ratio, and precise application techniques. These affect the ability of the glue to bond securely. The viscosity of the adhesive also plays an important factor in retention. The thicker the adhesive is, the stickier it is, and the easier it is to control. However, adhesives that have less viscosity have faster drying times.

Here are some tips on how you can make adhesives work for better retention!

  1. The adhesive should be applied efficiently. A tiny droplet of glue should be enough. Be careful that your equipment is not overloaded, before attaching it to the natural lash. The goal is to bond seamlessly without any excess as this results in poor retention.
  2. Ensure the level of the lash artist is at its best and she is experienced. The lash artist should choose the right glue for their level. If they’re a beginner, they should choose a slower-drying lash adhesive. If they choose an adhesive that dries too fast, it will have begun to dry before they apply the extension to the natural lash. This would make the lashes fall easily. Those with more experience should choose glue that dries faster so that it won’t slow the process.
  3. Humidity and temperature levels should be just right. You need to consider the room conditions according to their glue drying speed. For example, lash glue that is slow-drying can dry fast if the humidity is high. A lash extension salon can modify the room conditions to adjust the speed of the adhesives. To ensure that the materials combine correctly in hot temperatures, your technician will need to shake the glue considerably more than usual. The glue may become overly runny or too gloopy, dry too rapidly, or just stay tacky without properly setting. It also depends on several factors such as: the humidity level, when the bottle was originally opened, how often it is opened, and how carefully it is stored.
  4. There should be proper preparation and cleaning. The natural lashes are generally cleaned and prepped before being applied. Think of it as giving your lashes a clean canvas to work with. Clean lashes helps in cleaning the surface so that the adhesive may adhere to it properly by removing dirt, oil, and leftover makeup which improves the bonding strength of the adhesive and encourages greater lash retention. Furthermore, after we are done with application we rinse them out one more time to give you best retention.
  5. There should be proper aftercare. Once the lash artist is finished applying the glue properly, it is now up to you. You have to take care of your eyelashes and make them last longer. If you need aftercare reminders read this article.
  6. Leave it to the experts. Of course, you have to find a trusted expert who will ensure that the adhesive you use will be at its best! Let your eyes sparkle with confidence. Consult with us at Sweety Skin Care & Lashes. Schedule an appointment here.

To sum up, attaining outstanding retention for eyelash extensions requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond relying solely on the adhesive. While you should choose an eyelash extension adhesive with superior bonding properties, its performance is significantly enhanced when paired with correct application methods, humidity control, and diligent post-care routines. By integrating these crucial tips, you can achieve mesmerizing lash enhancements that leave a lasting impact.