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Reveal your most stunning skin yet with dermaplaning, a procedure that is designed to help you achieve that youthful glow by helping fade acne scars, sun damage, and dryness. Here are the 10 benefits of dermaplaning and its effects on your skin!

  1. It helps with overall skin complexion improvement and Hyperpigmentation.Your skin is often exposed to harsh environmental toxins, irritants, and harmful UV rays. This dulls the top layer of your skin. Though exfoliating products help a bit, dermaplaning is much more effective because it gets rid of dead skin cells and vellus hairs. Say hello to healthier, brighter, and more youthful skin, and goodbye to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and visible fine lines!
  2. It gets rid of ‘peach fuzz’.Peach fuzz are small hairs that grow on the face. Some people use dermaplaning to get rid of their facial hair. Though the hairs are invisible, they affect makeup and skin care product application. Not to worry, though; this type of hair doesn’t grow back thicker, nor does it create stubbles. The roots of the hair aren’t affected.
  3. It unclogs pores.Dermaplaning serves as a deep cleaning treatment that removes dirt, oils, and excess sebum from the pores. Having cleaner pores makes them appear smaller and helps you look younger!
  4. It prevents breakouts.Because dermaplaning helps with the unclogging of pores, it helps prevent future breakouts! It decreases the occurrence of bacteria-induced acne, which is caused by excess sebum. Although it is not recommended for people with current active breakouts, those with acne scars, redness, and hyperpigmentation will greatly benefit.
  5. The procedure is quick, and there is no downtime.Dermaplaning usually takes about an hour. There are no strict rules to follow compared to other, more invasive facial treatments. After dermaplaning, one should avoid the sun, use SPF, and use gentler products.
  6. It is gentle and non-invasive.No harsh chemicals are used in dermaplaning. There are no scary needles. It also doesn’t cause any pain. The feeling is similar to shaving your legs.
  7. It helps with your makeup application.Ever notice how makeup appears cakey? These are caused by rough spots, dry patches, and hair. Once these are all removed by dermaplaning, makeup gets to glide on more naturally.
  8. It provides you with a more effective skincare routine.When you apply skin care products, your facial hair and dead skin get stuck on them. This prevents products from reaching deep into the layers of the skin. By removing hair and dead skin, dermaplaning allows products to penetrate your skin enough to reap its benefits.
  9. It has anti-aging effects.Dermaplaning helps new skin cells resurface. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It prevents dull skin. It reveals a more youthful skin underneath and promotes collagen production.
  10. It can be for all skin types.Dermaplaning is a treatment that works with both oily and dry skin. If you have dry skin, it will remove your cracked epidermis and help moisturizers do their work on your skin! If you have oily skin, it helps reduce excess oils and sebum. It helps unclog your pores.

    It’s a gentle exfoliating treatment that can also be good for sensitive skin since there are no chemicals used. It causes no allergic reaction. It is safe for pregnant women as well!

If you’re looking for a way to achieve brighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin, dermaplaning might be the perfect solution. Book with us at Sweety’s Skin Care and Lashes to unlock your most radiant and stunning skin yet!